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Press Image 1 - JPG (2,944KB)
Dr. Bob Brier and Dr. Angelique Corthals in the LA Lab extracting samples for DNA analysis.
Press Image 2 - JPG (3,649KB)
Ancient Egyptian priest leads camel train with ingredients for mummification, Erfoud, Morocco.
Press Image 3 - JPG (4,043KB)
Reed Smoot (Director of Photography), Keith Melton (Director) and Dennis Peterson (Gaffer) behind.
Press Image 4 - JPG (4,586KB)
Beginning of the mummification process.
Press Image 5 - JPG (5,885KB)
Director Keith Melton prepping the 12 Royal Mummies cache for shoot.
Press Image 6 - JPG (3,794KB)
Keith Melton (Director), Arabella Cecil (Writer, Producer) and Egyptologist Dr. Bob Brier.
Press Image 7 - JPG (4,577KB)
Keith Melton (Director) and Reed Smoot (Director of Photography).
Press Image 8 - JPG (4,507KB)
Filming the mummy of Rameses the Great.
Press Image 9 - JPG (4,816KB)
Mummy of Rameses the Great.
Press Image 10 - JPG (4,665KB)
Filming Rameses the Great.
Press Image 11 - JPG (4,714KB)
Mummy of Tuthmosis III.
Press Image 12 - JPG (4,096KB)
Pyramids of Giza.
Press Image 13 - JPG (2,021KB)
Priests make last rites as Rameses the Great lies in state awaiting burial.
Press Image 14 - JPG (4,369KB)
Dr. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt.
Press Image 15 - JPG (5,345KB)
Abu Simbel.